Premium Rate - Adult and Non-Adult


We offer almost all tariffs of 09 numbers, starting as little as 25p per minute, and going up to £3.60 per minute. We can also offer ‘hybrid’ numbers where the caller gets charged a connection fee (of say £2) and then an ongoing per minute fee of (say £2) – this can be a great way to earn off the callers that do not stay on the line for more than a few seconds. We can also offer ‘drop call’ numbers of up to £6 per call. ideal for product purchase, buying time for a streaming product or competitions.

All these tariffs can be used for many different business – tipping services, horoscope readings, recorded stories, information lines, call connection lines (similar to directory enquiries), adult lines (both live and recorded), technical support lines etc.

You can see some of the more popular tariffs HERE for our rate card ‘premium rate revenue share’ and also see the revenue you could expect to make when your numbers are called.


What are the benefits of Premium Rate?

  1. Earn an unlimited income from only a few hours work a month
  2. No technical knowledge or equipment required
  3. You can start immediately with our ready made services or we can build a service to your needs
  4. We offer you great rates on all tariffs
  5. Most services are free to setup
  6. We can help you advertise your numbers
  7. Contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions

New to Premium Rate?
If you are considering Premium Rate for the first time it may all seem very complicated and confusing. We will be able to explain how it works clearly and comprehensively, answer any questions you may have and advise you on the best solution for your particular requirements, no matter what they may be.

You can also add a gold number to your package. A memorable number can result in more calls and repeat business. Take a look at our Gold Numbers area to see a selection of the special numbers we have on offer.

It’s easy to get started, just open your account and we will be in touch very soon to discuss your which particular requirement


What is call recording?
We offer a new service where the call being made (if a live call) can be recorded and sent to either the caller or yourself. This is an excellent facility to promote confidence for the consumer and is also seen as an added value to websites and services where calls are being routed to your own staff or call centre.

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Do you currently do more than 10,000 mins per month?
Or are you a Webmaster with more than 10,000 hits p/mth to your site?
Or do you have a marketing budget of at least £1000 per month?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then please call 0845 652 1333 or email for revised rates and plans



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