Phone-paid Service Authority (previously known as ICSTIS, then PhonepayPlus) regulates premium rate services in the UK. All our customers must be registered with Phone-paid Service Authority (also known as PSA or psauthority (see details below).


Required regulatory wording and the Code of Practice.

When we provide you with your service details we will also provide you with the required regulatory wording that must be included with all promotional material, however all customers should still familiarise themselves with the psautority Code of Practice.



Compliance Advice

A2B Telecom will provide you with assistance and advise relating to your premium rate service, however Phone-paid Service Authority also offers a fee compliance checking service which we encourage clients to use. The Phone-paid Service Authority compliance team can be contacted by email on or by calling 0207 940 7474.



Phone-paid Service Authority Registration and Due Diligence

All customers of A2B Telecom must follow a 2 step process before they strat to promote any services.


STEP 1 - PhonepayPlus Registration

All premium rate providers (effectively anyone in the value chain) must register with Phone-paid Service Authority and provide us with their registration number. In the first year if your turnover is lower than 10,000 per annum you do not have to pay anything, but you must still register. If your turnover exceeds 10,000 in your first year, and for everybody after their first year regardless of turnover, there is a 155+VAT annual fee to pay direct to Phone-paid Service Authority.

  1. Please register with Phone-paid Service Authority here
    (You do not need to register any numbers or services as we will do that later)

  2. Please forward your registration confirmation email to


STEP 2 ID Verification

In order to comply with regulations we need you to send us 2 forms of identification by any of the methods below.

  • By post to A2B Telecom Ltd, 1 Emperor Way, Exeter Business Park, Exeter, EX1 3QS

  • By email to

We need one item from List 1 and one item from List 2

List 1

List 2

Valid Passport

Council Tax or HMRC bill or letter

Valid UK Driving Licence

Bank / credit card statement

UK issued identity card

Utility bill (under 3 months old)


Different trading address?

If you operate a company and your trading address is different to your personal address please also send us one item from the list below, showing your trading address.

1. A letter from your accountant or solicitor

2. An HMRC letter or invoice

3. A utility bill under 3 months old

4. A business bank or credit card statement under 3 months old



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